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Massimiliano@ Birrificio Maiella, 4-5 July 2015

Two days to taste our craft beer

New brewing plant arrived from Cadalpe

Massimiliano@ Birrificio Maiella, 18 June 2014

After months of preparation and planning, today arrive the new brewing plant 

Day 1- Construction at the new Birrificio Maiella

Massimiliano @ Birrificio Maiella, 28 March 2014

After months of preparation and planning, today commenced the first stage of construction at the new brewery. A long noisy day cutting into the concrete foundations to lay the new pipes for the drainage system.

Birrificio Maiella visits Cadalpe SPA - Treviso

Massimiliano @ Birrificio Maiella, 20 February, 2014

With the old brewery gone it was time to travel north to Treviso and visit Cadalpe (the company manufacturing the new brewery). Today was the first time we have viewed our three new fermenters & a demetalliser. It was an exciting moment to see but also a reality check that there is still a lot of work to be finalise before the new brewery opens. Thanks to the gentlemen @ Cadalpe for all their kind hospitality and hard work in planning this project.

Goodbye to the old Birrificio Maiella

All @ Birrificio Maiella, 17 Febuary 2014

Over the last 2 weeks the brewery crew has been working at double speed to stock up the warehouse with beer!! But today finally arrived, a sad day in saying 'goodbye' to the first plant and frementors at Birrificio Maiella. Now we focus towards the new brewery opening this Spring 2014.


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