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A blonde beer, fruity, hazy yellow in colour, toned slightly acidic due to the grain and apples used, creates a particularly refreshing taste. The alcohol content is balanced, with a pleasant body, making it versatile with a combination of foods. A long maturation time allows the beer to refine and enhance its fragrance and aroma.


Serving suggestions: Fresh cheese, ricotta cheese, but also medium-aged cheese and a contrast with cheeses preserved in olive oil. Sweet and sour meats, and prefect with apple tart.


Ingredients: water sources Del Verde, barley malt, wheat (Senatore Cappelli) 2% plain apple (native casolan), hops, yeast.


Serving temperature : 6°- 8°C


Bottle: 75cl / 33cl


ABV: 5.2%


IBU: 30



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